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March 15, 2018 Business

Pavol Krupa Buys Stake in German Football Club Borussia Dortmund

Pavol Krupa Buys Stake in German Football Club Borussia Dortmund - Czech Points

Czech-Slovak investment group Arca Capital bought a minority stake in the German football club Borussia Dortmund. Barbora Hanáková, spokesperson for Arca, said they paid 170 million crowns for a 1.27%  share of Borussia Dortmund making them the seventh largest shareholder of the club. Arca plans to add to its stake in the top flight club over time.

“Our aim is to become a major shareholder, and we plan to further increase the share,” the spokesman said. She said the group perceived the investment as strategic because it plans to focus, among other things, on Germany and the German-speaking countries in its investment activities.

“The intention of the Arca Capital Group is, among other things, to take part in and actively participate in lithium mining and processing in Germany where the final phase of the survey has been successfully carried out at the Zinnwald project of Bacanora,” she added. Arca Capital is, among other things, one of the largest domestic shareholders of European Metals Holdings (EMH), which plans to drill down lithium at Cinovka.

The Arca Group focuses on asset management, energy, and business opportunities. The group operates mainly in Central and Eastern Europe, with offices in Bratislava, Prague, London and Kiev. The majority owner of the company was formerly Slovakian financier Pavol Krúpa. Since mid-December, Krúpa, together with Rastislav Velič and Peter Krištofovič, has an equal share of 30 percent. The remaining tenth owns Henrich Kiš. Arca Capital has been active in the field of football for several years through its subsidiary Ondrášovka.