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July 28, 2020 Celebrity

Oztrava Zoo breeds endangered Grévy's Zebra

Oztrava Zoo breeds endangered Grévy's Zebra - Czech Points

The Ostrava Zoo successfully bred the rare Grévy’s zebra. The male was born to an experienced eight-year-old female.

The herd of Grévy’s zebras, which the garden has been breeding since 1973, now numbers six animals – one breeding male, four females, and a young. The zebra with the most beautiful streaks is endangered in nature, mainly due to the change of its natural environment, when the land is used as a pasture for cattle, which also occupies water resources. “However, a strong population is kept in zoos,” said Nováková. The Ostrava Garden has so far managed to raise 20 young.

A life-size model of an extinct Quogue zebra was installed at the African animal enclosure where the zebras are found. “Originally, this zebra, which was slightly different in color from other zebras, was considered a separate species, but genetic research has confirmed that it is a subspecies of steppe zebra. It occurred in South Africa. It was last observed in the wild in 1878. The last Quogue died on August 12, 1883, in the Amsterdam Zoo, without anyone realizing then that she was the last individual of her kind in the world, “said Nováková.

According to the spokesperson, the Quogue model in the Ostrava Zoo should also be a kind of warning so that humanity does not allow a similar situation with other zebras.