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December 19, 2017 Politics

Ondráček Takes Helm of GIBS - At What Cost to Human Rights?

Ondráček Takes Helm of GIBS -  At What Cost to Human Rights? - Czech Points

The deputies elected in the secret ballot of communist Zdeněk Ondráček to the head of the commission for controlling the activity of the General Inspectorate of Security Corps. GIBS is investigating whether one of the police officers has violated the law. And Ondráček before November 1989 in the Public Security Emergency Regiment intervened during demonstrations against the communist regime.

Ondráček needed to vote 90 out of 179 votes, eventually got 95. In the last week he won only 85 out of 186 votes in the secret ballot, to be elected him at that time nine absent. “To all of you who supported him, let the Christmas fairy tale Obuška out of the bag,” commented the result of the election of the head of the KDU-CSL deputies Jan Bartošek.

ODS deputy chief Zbyněk Stanjura said the election of Ondráček was invalid because 191 deputies took ballots, while the head of the parliamentary election commission, Martin Kolovratník, said that the commission counted a quota of 179 deputies. TOP 09, the People’s Party, the ODS, the Pirates, the CSSD, the STAN, and the SPD movement Tomia Okamura demand a repeat of the election. “We have to repeat it, otherwise it is not possible,” Stanjura said.

Prior to the election, Petr Gazdík, chairman of the STAN movement, chirped against the election of Ondráček. “The chairman of the GIBS Supervision Commission must not be someone who battered a student baton in 1989. We will not vote for Mr Ondráček, but we are ready to support a coalition candidate who will be competent and morally unpopular, “Gazdík said.

And he added that there is a connection between whether Ondráček goes through and whether the Communists will help the Andrei Babiš government in the vote on trust. “It sparks between the two sides. I think the decision about Mr. Ondráček will be related to some others. Such as the release or not of Andrey Babiš, the support or support of the government of Andrej Babiš, “said the head of STAN.

The Communists, despite their initial failure, insisted on their candidate Ondráček. “Those who understand the work of the police should have their say in the work of the police,” Jiri Dolejs, vice-chairman of KSČM, said before the vote. “Government confidence will be voted on January 10th. And let’s see how the vote today. Then it will be evaluated not only by the parliamentary club, but towards the government and the party authorities, “added Dolejš. And after these words, the Communists enforced theirs. Previously, they suggested that they would consider the tolerance of Minority Babis’ Cabinet.

“That’s a problem I’m not dealing with, I’m working as a prime minister,” Babiš told what he was thinking about whether he could vote on Ondráček’s influence on the vote on his minority government. But the support of the Communists may not be enough. YES and the KSČM have a total of 93 votes out of 200 deputies.

“Of course, I do not know what impact it may have. We, in relation to the KSCM, are honored that this commission belongs to the Communist Party after all parties have agreed, “Jaroslav Faltýnek, the chairman of the YO deputies, said about Ondráček.

Protests by the democratic parties against the election of a man who participated in the suppression of demonstrations against the totalitarian communist regime were in vain. ODS deputy chief Zbyněk Stanjura described the nomination of Communist Ondráček as an unlucky joke from the first moment, and Jan Chvojka and Pirates also nominated an unacceptable candidate for the unacceptable candidate.

“I would like to say that it is not a media white dog, because a number of prominent personalities are rightly thwarted by the thief of the GIBS commission, but they do not mind the former estábák head of the Czech government. We do not mind both, “said Miroslav Kalousek, Speaker of the TOP 09 Club.