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New restrictions likely as COVID cases spike in Czech Republic: Prymula

New restrictions likely as COVID cases spike in Czech Republic: Prymula - Czech Points

The government will probably limit the opening hours of restaurants and bars in the coming days and mass gatherings.

School principals should consider announcing leave on Friday, 25 September, to create a four-day weekend and time for epidemic control along with Monday. The Minister said this of Health Roman Prymula, whom Prime Minister Andrej Babiš was in the office today. According to school representatives, it would be better to decide on the closure of schools centrally.

The Association of Hotels and Restaurants of the Czech Republic disagrees with the restriction of restaurant opening hours. However, according to them, it is better than closing restaurants like in the spring.

Prymula does not want to introduce measures that would handicap the economy, even if they are simpler. In the minister’s role, he will try to stabilize the epidemic and flatten the increase in the number of infected. “I will do everything for it. On the other hand, I am not a savior,” said the new minister. He called on politicians to forget about tricks for at least a few weeks. On Monday, the daily increase in confirmed diseases returned to over a thousand, with a rise of 1,476 infected.

According to Prymula, further restrictions on mass events and the operation of restaurants and bars are likely. According to him, there is a discussion about moving the closing time to 22:00 from the current 24:00. According to Prymula, people have lost their vigilance. At the same time, it is likely to limit the number of participants to 100 at outdoor events and 50 at indoor events. Exceptions are provided for actions that are not so risky. However, events where people eat or drink and do not keep their spacing, will be reduced. Prymula also reassured that the ministry would not close primary schools if at least a little possible. For some regions, the possibility of distance learning at the second stage of primary schools or secondary schools is being discussed.