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April 28, 2020 Celebrity

Movie and TV piracy spikes during coronavirus lockdown

Movie and TV piracy spikes during coronavirus lockdown - Czech Points

Restrictions on movement to prevent the spread of coronavirus have led to a significant increase in interest in pirated copy websites in many countries around the world. According to CNBC, this is according to data from Muso, a company that monitors digital piracy.

In Italy, for example, the number of visits to websites with pirated copies of movies has increased by 66 percent in the last seven days of March compared to the last seven days of February. Italy was the first European country to be hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic.

In Spain, Muso halved the number of visits, while in France and the United States the increase was about two-fifths and in Germany more than a third.

“This unprecedented increase in visits to film piracy websites in the last week of March shows that with the growing number of countries introducing restrictions on movement and demanding isolation from the population, the demand for pirated content has increased exponentially,” Muso said.