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January 19, 2021 Politics

Miroslav Kalousek steps down after 22 years in office

Miroslav Kalousek steps down after 22 years in office - Czech Points

The Chairman of the TOP 09 deputies and former Minister of Finance Miroslav Kalousek today resigned. One of the most prominent Czech politicians of recent times made this statement at the beginning of the parliamentary session. In the middle of last year, he announced that he would not run for the lower house this year. He explained the timing of his departure today with the early start of the election campaign.

Kalousek told deputies that all Chamber of Deputies’ meetings would be held as part of the election campaign in connection with the early announcement of elections. He considers it rational and tactical for Members in particular, who will be running for the electorate, to continue to speak in the debate. TOP 09 plans to go to the polls in a coalition with the ODS and the People’s Party, which the politician previously described as the only possible way.

“My 22-year career as an active MP has been completed right now,” Kalousek said. He apologized to those who sometimes felt personally affected by his performance. “Have a great time,” he said at last, and the plenum rewarded him with applause. Later, when he appeared before journalists, Kalousek stated that he wanted to help the electoral coalition of TOP 09, the ODS, and the People’s Party by taking the candidate mayor of Roztoky near Prague, Jan Jakob. Kalousek expects to continue working in TOP 09, where he wants to play advisor and mentor. He stated that he would continue to be able to participate in the party leadership’s meetings.

In mid-December, when he celebrated his 60th birthday, Kalousek said that he took the plan to leave the Chamber of Deputies as another of life’s challenges. He also said that he was in no hurry to decide what to do next. “I have a few ideas and options, but I don’t want to get caught up in it, and I’ll make the right decision,” he said then as he does today. He announced that he would not run in the parliamentary elections last July.

During a call to leave the lower house in December, he noted that there are people he likes to see, not only among colleagues but also among employees. He will probably miss him even after a Member of Parliament’s work, preparation for meetings, and speaking in plenary. “What I definitely won’t miss is that after discussions with people who don’t know what he’s talking about, and they don’t care. I’ve been very frustrated lately, and I’m looking forward to not having to.” stated.

Until now, Kalousek was the head of the TOP 09 parliamentary club, which, as an experienced speaker, enabled him to give a preferential speech in plenary. The TOP 09 club, which has seven members, will now elect a new boss to meet today or on Wednesday. It is speculated that Vlastimil Válek could become the new chairman of the club.