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Ministry of Industry and Trade Website Hacked To Mine Cryptocurrency

Ministry of Industry and Trade Website Hacked To Mine Cryptocurrency - Czech Points

Hackers took over 950 websites on 35 domains ending with a .cz to mine cryptocurrencies. Among them was a site managed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MPO). Security experts from the CSIRT.CZ and CZ.NIC-CSIRT teams have notified the problem. This was announced today by the expert server Lupa.cz.

The official portal of the Czech Republic on Corporate Social Responsibility, which is managed by the MIT, was among the sites that mined the cryptocurrencies without consent and usually without the user’s knowledge. Similarly as in other cases, scripting on the web was apparently over the infected WordPress extension, Lupa.cz reported.

“The first step was to change the password for website administration, then contact the IT Department of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, which went further on this issue and found out that they had been attacked, probably as a result of abuse of the temporary out-of-date WordPress editorial system. database items of the CoinHive malicious code, designed to mine cryptocurrencies without the user’s knowledge, “said Marek Homolka of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. The following day, the Industry Ministry called on the portal operator to correct the site, which recovered from the backup.

The number of sites that exploit the computer performance of users to mine cryptocurrencies through the script is growing steadily. This method is sometimes referred to as a possible alternative for users who are blocking ads on the web. However, the Lupa problem occurs if the user does not know about script deployment.