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February 6, 2020 Celebrity

Milos Zeman bares his soul in Czech radio interview

Milos Zeman bares his soul in Czech radio interview - Czech Points

President Milos Zeman appeared on the Czech Radio show “Xaver and Guest” Wednesday. The president spoke about the coronavirus, forgiveness, the internet, and his childhood, among other things.

The interview by Luboš Xaver Veselý with the president was mostly non-political.

Milos Zeman ‘loves’ the internet

Milos Zeman complained that the problem with social networks is the constant swearing by people. Banning social networks is the only way for the country to maintain civil discourse, he said.

He then admitted that he loves the internet. “I love it, I think it’s more objective than print media,” the president said. He spends three hours on the internet a day. “I eat the nutritious pudding prescribed by my doctor. I look at what others have written about me online, and then order the police to investigate them” said the president. Adding that he is an “old daffodil.”

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Personal life

The first half of the interview was mainly about President Zeman’s personal life. He said Eva Olmerová is his favorite singer. When she is in Lány, they listen to music for breakfast, lunch, and dinner together. ‘Because they have to eat, Xaver. And when she eats, you can listen to nice music and stare at her breasts,” he said.

His favorite film is Ingmar Bergman’s film Wild Strawberries. He also likes Amadeus and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, directed by Milos Forman. “In my younger years, when I was young and naive, I also liked the Holidays in Rome. Now I’m just naive,” the president added.

Veselý and the president kept to mainly lifestyle topics. Zeman said he drinks his last glass of wine of the day with his security officers in the evening. However, the use of alcohol is forbidden to security officers while on duty.


The president recalled his youth and how his mother, who was a teacher, spanked his ass with a spoon. He added that he doesn’t like semolina porridge or rice pudding because they remind him of his mother.

Milos Zeman on the Coronavirus

The other half of the conversation turned to more serious things. The moderator asked the president if he was afraid of coronavirus disease.

“I’m not afraid that an epidemic could occur, If I did I’d worry about SARS and Ebola. I’d fear the flu the most. Because it kills about two thousand people a year,” Zeman said on the Czech Radio show.

However, the president is proud of the Czech assistance to China. “On the other hand, I respect those who spontaneously send help when the outbreak in China breaks out. I was touched by Třebíč, which is a partner city of a Chinese city, Vysočina region, but also some companies that voluntarily send help. And I also praised Minister Petříček for proposing at least ten million crowns to the government ,” added Zeman.

Death threats

Veselý also turned part of the interview on the question of death and the funeral of the president. Zeman said he doesn’t think about what his funeral would look like. He then discussed death threats against himself.

“Part of it is due to my profession. I’m not alone in it. Trump could tell you how many Americans wish him death. Rather, I think that the nutters are worthy of compassion. Thus, the hatred that springs from them spoils digestion and character,” Zeman said.

Zeman Putins Slut

‘Putin’s slut’

Zeman admitted that he likes the nickname given to him by activists. He added he’s proud of his work to promote Russian interests within the Czech Republic.


The president said he had forgiven several people in his life, but not all. “There are people I do not forgive because I do not deserve forgiveness.”


The greatest success of his life was when he led the Social Democrats. “It will not be that I was Prime Minister or Prime Minister or twice President. Although all honor, the results are. My greatest achievement, I believe, was that, together with others, we managed to raise social democracy from seven to 32 percent of voter favor in five years. Unfortunately, there were others,” the president sighed.

He led the party from 1993 to 2001. In 1992, Czechoslovak Social Democrats won 6.53 percent in the Czech National Council elections. Subsequent elections to the Chamber of Deputies, which took place in the independent Czech Republic in 1996, the CSSD, under Zeman’s leadership, had 26.44 percent and two years later 32.31 percent. In the last election to the Chamber of Deputies in 2017, the CSSD won seven percent of votes.

Climate change

Zeman also commented on demonstrations of students calling for action against climate change. Their participants are juveniles and should instead go to school, the president thinks.

“I think Greta Thunberg is a hysterical bitch. I hate her, who does she think she is? I think our schoolchildren who are demonstrating against climate change, are all idiots. They should go to school instead of demonstrating,” the head of state said.


Zeman is going to undergo testing at the hospital on Thursday. He said he hopes its his final medical examination. Last October, the president was hospitalized at the Central Military Hospital in Prague. He admitted to being deathly ill. “Keep your fingers crossed for a bad examination that means you will have a new president soon,” Zeman joked at the end of the interview.

This article first appeared in Czech on Idnes