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February 14, 2020 Politics

Million Moments plans Prague protest in defense of democracy

Million Moments plans Prague protest in defense of democracy - Czech Points

A Million Moments for Democracy will hold a protest in Prague on Sunday, March 1st.

The demonstration is in response to the election of Stanislav Krecek to the Public Defender of Rights.

“The Prague event will not be primarily a protest against Stanislav Krecek. The election of S. Krecek by the is ‘just’ blatant example of how government and major institutions are systematically and intentionally torn down and politically privatized step by step. KSČM and the Castle, with the assistance of a part of the CSSD, are gradually and systematically tearing down prestigious democratic institutions that are supposed to control the rules and serve all citizens, not just select politicians,” said Million Moments.

“If this goes on, what happens in Hungary or Poland will eventually occur. Justice, the media, state administration and public procurement will be subordinate to politicians. Government politicians concretize in power by distorting the whole system,“ Mikulas Minar said.

The Chamber of Deputies elected the new Ombudsman on Wednesday. MEPs selected him in the second round of the ballot. President Milos Zeman’s candidate won 91 votes out of 175 votes cast and defeated the Senate nominee for the European Court of Human Rights, Vít Alexander Schorm, in the final.