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May 29, 2020 Politics

'Million Moments' plans Prague protest march

'Million Moments' plans Prague protest march - Czech Points

The ‘A Million Moments for Democracy’ civil society organization is planning a protest march against the governments coranvirus response in Prague on June 9th. The group says the cabinet spread chaos during the state of emergency, limited the rights of citizens, and exceeded its powers.

The group has been campaigning for Prime Minister Andrej Babiš to resign since 2018 over his conflict of interest. It collects signatures and organizes demonstrations, the largest of which took place on June 23rd last year with the participation of approximately 250,000 people. It was the biggest protest rally in the Czech Republic since 1989.

The group says the government spread chaos during the state of emergency, taking advantage of it to restrict civil rights and exceed its mandate. “Whether its a law to hide the real owners of trust funds, the legalization of unusual purchases by the Ministry of Health, or the current effort to push through an emission-free law for the new Dukovany unit,” the group said.

The protest march will begin on June 9th at 6:00 pm in the Old Town Square. From there, the participants will march silently to Straka Academy, the Office of the Government. “The burning silence will end with a loud questioning in front of the government office,” the protest organizers said. Participants are encouraged to wear face masks and maintain two-meter spacing for safety reasons.