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November 30, 2021 Politics

Incoming health minister plans to sack Chief Hygienist

Incoming health minister plans to sack Chief Hygienist - Czech Points

The future Minister of Health Vlastimil Válek (TOP 09) wants a change in the position of chief hygienist. She does not anticipate that Pavla Svrčinová will continue to hold this position. She is a nutritionist and should focus on it. With reference to the spokesman of the TOP 09 and AntiCovid team of the Together coalition Vladan Vanek, Deník N wrote this . Vanek did not say who should replace Svrčinová. According to the server, Válek did not respond to the query either.

Válek told Blesk some time ago that in the Czech Republic the role of the chief hygienist is “not quite happily” defined, because her competencies are extremely limited. “In addition, regional hygiene is partly managed by the region in crisis situations, but partly subject to the Secretary of State. The role of the chief hygienist is therefore bad.

When asked if he counts on Svrčinová as head hygienist, he said at the time that he had an idea of ​​some reorganization that was not directly related to Svrčinová. At the ministry, Válek would like to pay more attention to the nutrition of the population or to ensuring that children receive healthy food in schools. “And I would like to entrust the hygienist with the coordination from the point of view of nutrition on behalf of the Ministry of Health (…). According to him, the hygienic stations now need more command control.

Svrčinová has been the chief hygienist since mid-March, when she was entrusted with this function. At the end of July, she was officially appointed by the government. Prior to that, she ran a regional hygiene station in the Moravian-Silesian Region.