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October 24, 2019 Politics

Hospital to publish Zeman's medical records

Hospital to publish Zeman's medical records - Czech Points

The Central Military Hospital will publish information on the state of health of President Milos Zeman today. While the president on Wednesday announced the release of the entire medical records, according to hospital management, the Institute will only provide a summary of his state of health and current results. The information will be published on the hospital website.

Zeman spent four days in a military hospital last week. He left it on Sunday, the castle called it a reconditioning stay. The Institute said after its completion that the President was in good shape on Sunday and did not undergo any intervention. Zeman’s spokesman justified the stay by preparing for the 28th of October, when he wants to be “absolutely fit”.

The president said last week that his only problem was sore feet. Diabetes suffers from lower limb neuropathy. They also hear harder. Zeman was in the hospital for examination in September. According to the Institute, doctors found no health problem except for a slight sign of dehydration and “some fatigue”.