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August 7, 2020 Politics

Health Ministry warns tourists to avoid bars, restaurants

Health Ministry warns tourists to avoid bars, restaurants - Czech Points

The Ministry of Health has issued recommendations for Czechs planning on a beach holiday. To prevent COVID-19 infection, they say to avoid bars and restaurants and to social distance on the beach by at least two meters. About 140 people have probably become caught coronavirus abroad since the beginning of July. During the same period, about 5,000 new cases were diagnosed in the Czech Republic.

“Europe is practically all green. Returns from most holiday locations are unrestricted for Czech citizens. Nevertheless, it is appropriate to observe certain preventive measures in coastal areas,” Minister of Health Adam Vojtěch wrote on Twitter.

“Avoid places where many people accumulate indoors such as bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and so on, and you better stay in the fresh air,” the ministry said.

They also recommend staying at least two meters away from strangers. In addition to indoor spaces, it is advisable to keep the distances outdoors, for example in the gardens of restaurants or on the beaches. When traveling by public transport, people should not forget the veils.

“Follow the principles of hand hygiene. If you do not have a disinfectant on hand, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water, especially before eating or after a journey by public transport,” the ministry added.

Chief Hygienist Jarmila Rážová stated that the share of diseases that Czechs brought from abroad is negligible compared with the total number of positive cases. From the beginning of July to 4 August, ten or more people probably became infected in Slovakia (10), Serbia (10), and Austria (23). However, the ministry warns that due to the two-week incubation period, they can’t be entirely sure of where the infection occurred.

Most infections from abroad are from Croatia, which is one of the most popular holiday destinations. After returning from the country, 36 Czechs fell ill by 4 August. Epidemiologist Rastislav Maďar stated in Lidový noviny that some of the cases are related to huge dance parties in Zrče on the island of Pag. According to him, the Czechs also go there with specialized travel agencies, and their guides have also fallen ill. The head of Prague hygienists, Zdeňka Jágrová, stated that 230 Czechs traveled there in July.