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February 18, 2018 Politics

He did it for the Money, Babis Spied for Russians: Jan Sarkocy StB

He did it for the Money, Babis Spied for Russians: Jan Sarkocy StB - Czech Points

Andrej Babiš was a conscientious collaborator of the StB from the beginning, says former StB member Jan Sarkocy. So the same man who, yesterday, had criticized Jeremy Corby, the chairman of British Labor Party, from conscious collaboration with the StB. The archive volume, according to Sarkocy, was not falsified. Babis claims he is lying.

The original Babiš writings on cooperation with the Communist secret police say he saw Sarkocy. “There is nothing fake in the file,” he said. But he did not know whether there was Babiš’s written commitment to cooperating.

On a request to comment on Sarkocy’s statement, Babiš responded on Friday with the words: “Mr Sarkocy is lying.” He later added that Sarkocy had contacted his Slovak lawyer five years earlier in connection with Babiš’s lawsuit filed with the Slovak Institute of Memory of the Nation (ÚPN).

“Mr. Sarkocy promised to my lawyer that he would appear in court and would testify to my advantage that he could even influence the decision of the court,” Babis said. A former intelligence officer, his lawyer refused and never communicated with him. “It is very easy to find out on the Internet that this agent even participated in the campaign led by Vladimir Mečiar, who wanted to liquidate the then president Kovac. Slovak journalists, however, discovered his past and refused to cooperate with him. I’m really sorry that the Czech journalists did not do the same thing, and just blindly cite the lies of this lousy villain. When it comes to the Babies, they seem to be grateful for any kind of criticism and they do not care that it’s a complete liar, “the prime minister added.

The Slovak court has recently, in a recapitulative trial, in line with last year’s verdict of constitutional judges, denied Babisov’s claim that he was unlawfully in the StB’s archives. Babis then announced the filing of a new lawsuit.

Sarkocy, whose name is linked to the current scandal surrounding the bosses of British laborers Jeremy Corbyn with the StB, called Babis as a man who wanted to benefit from the StB and enjoyed money. “I would apologize to him for all, and I would not want to drink water anyway,” Sarkocy said.

Babiš was a StB confidant, according to documents

According to archival documents, Sarkocy worked in the 1980-1984 StB department in Bratislava, later in foreign counterintelligence and as a diplomat in London. It was with his work in Britain in the 1980s that the latest information on his meetings with Corbyn was combined.

Unlike his former colleagues at StB Sarkocy, he did not report before a court in Bratislava where Babis demanded a verdict that he was registered in the StB’s archives as unauthorized agent.

Archival documents, some of which were previously shredded, state that Babiš became a confidant of the StB in 1980, and that two years later, StB Lieutenant-General Július Šuman obtained him to cooperate with the secret police as an agent named Bures. However, in the original trial at the District Court of Bratislava he declared that this information was not true and that Babiš was not recruited to the StB.

The Constitutional Court has questioned the credibility of witnesses

Being Babiš initially succeeded in the purging of his name, the reversal of the case occurred after the last year’s decision of the Slovak Constitutional Court. He canceled the original decision of the Bratislava County Court and the Supreme Court, which gave Babis the truth. He did so because the defendant party was not to be the Institute of Memory of the Nation, which administers the bundles of StB in Slovakia.

The Constitutional Court also found that the Slovak courts had wrongly based their judgments on the testimony of former StB members who were not exempt from confidentiality in the proceedings before the District and Regional Courts. He also questioned the credibility of these witnesses who denounced Babis’s favor.

In the renewed case, the Bratislava Regional Court, in accordance with the decision of the Constitutional Court, Babisov recently dismissed the action. The decision has already become final.