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September 4, 2020 Celebrity

Hana Zagorova tests positive for coronavirus

Hana Zagorova tests positive for coronavirus - Czech Points

Singer Hana Zagorová fell ill with COVID-19, and she is being treated in the hospital. Her husband, tenor Štefan Margita, also tested positive, according to a post on the singer’s website today.

“We both tested positive for COVID … Štefan is home in quarantine with a mild case and Hanka due to high temperatures in the hospital,” the website states.

Today’s Blesk speculated about Zagorová’sZagorová’s health, noting that the singer had to cancel the concert for health reasons and subsequently did not appear on any entertainment TV shows on Wednesday.

Seventy-three-year-old singer, actress, lyricist, and screenwriter Zagorová has 19 platinum and gold records for the successful sale of soundtracks with her songs, which have sold almost 11 million. Slovak tenor Margita has performed many times at the New York Metropolitan Opera, Milan’s La Scala, and the Royal Opera in London’s Covent Garden.