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April 14, 2020 Politics

Govt to gradually lift coronavirus restrictions

Govt to gradually lift coronavirus restrictions - Czech Points

The government has unveiled a phased-out plan for easing the coronavirus restrictions in the coming weeks. The gradual reopening of shops and services will take place in five stages between April 20 and June 8. 

Farmers markets, craftsmen and used car sales will be able to open as of April 20th under strict hygiene conditions. 

Shops of up to 1,000 square metres, driving schools and gyms can reopen as of May 12. 

Restaurants and cafes serving in outdoor gardens, museums, galleries and hairdressers can reopen as of May 25. 

The reopening of large shopping centres and indoor cafes and restaurants has been left till last, as of June 8. 

The plan moreover depends of the course of the epidemic and may be frozen or reviewed depending on circumstances.