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April 30, 2021 Politics

Global COVID-19 cases surpass 150 million

Global COVID-19 cases surpass 150 million - Czech Points

More than 150 million cases of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus infection, first reported in China in late 2019, have been confirmed worldwide. According to statistics from the American Johns Hopkins University (JHU), this is monitoring the pandemic worldwide.

The world exceeded the limit of 100 million infected at the end of January this year, and this morning, JHU records 150,068,372. In absolute numbers, the United States has the highest number of infections, infecting more than 32.2 million people. Brazil has the second-highest balance, followed by India, Brazil, France, and Turkey.

At the same time, 3.1 million people worldwide have died from covid-19, over half a million of them in the United States. Brazil surpassed the 400,000 deaths on Thursday, with over 200,000 deaths reported by Britain and India. The South Asian healthcare system has been on the verge of collapse in recent weeks due to the growing number of infections.

According to statistics from The New York Times, Andorra, Montenegro, and the Czech Republic have the most infected per capita, with 1.62 million covid-19 cases to date. Nearly 30,000 patients have died of the infection.