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August 7, 2020 Politics

Global coronavirus cases pass 19 million

Global coronavirus cases pass 19 million - Czech Points

Global coronavirus cases surpassed 19 million, and the death toll reached 715,555 on 7 August, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. The United States remains the hardest-hit country with almost five million infected. Brazil has the second-highest number of COVID-19 infections, with nearly three million. In third place is India, where today the number of infected jumped past two million. Poland today reported a record 809 newly confirmed cases. Slovenia returned the Czech Republic to its list of medium-risk countries.

When entering Slovenia, a two-week quarantine is now mandatory for Czechs, with a few exceptions. If transiting through the country, the restriction does not apply, but transit must not exceed 12 hours. The quarantine also does not apply to those who booked their stay before 6 August, but they will need a negative COVID-19 test to enter the country.

In Brazil, the number of people infected last day increased by 53,139, and the number of deaths by 1,237, Reuters reports. The country has a total of 2.9 million cases out of a population of 209.5 million and a death toll of 98,493.

In Mexico, the death toll has exceeded 50,000, and after the United States and Brazil, Mexico has the most coronavirus-related deaths in the world.

The United States has nearly 4.9 million COVID-19 cases, and 160,111 have died.

According to Reuters, 62,538 new coronavirus infections were detected in India in the past day, bringing the total number of confirmed cases in the country with a population of 1.3 billion to more than two million. In the last 20 days alone, coronavirus has been detected in more than a million people. 41,585 patients died with COVID-19 in the country.

Today, Poland reported 809 new cases of coronavirus infection and a further 13 deaths. The highest daily increase in those newly infected since the beginning of the epidemic, the second highest was reported on Thursday, when there were 726 new cases for a total of 50,324 and 1,787 deaths.

In Germany, there were 1,147 more cases of infection in the last day. The highest number since May and about 100 cases more than the day before.

With 309,855 confirmed cases, Spain has the second-highest number of coronavirus infections in Europe after Russia. The aggregate figure for Spain has increased significantly after the Ministry of Health included 4,088 previously diagnosed cases in the overall statistics, surpassing Britain. 28,500 patients died in Spain in connection with COVID-19.

The Norwegian government is renewing some coronavirus measures. Newly, it does not recommend citizens to travel abroad and issues a ban on the sale of alcohol after midnight. Already on Thursday, Norway announced that people coming to the country from the Czech Republic and some other countries would have to undergo a ten-day quarantine. According to the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, the Nordic country with a population of 5.4 million has so far registered 9,468 coronavirus infections, 59 in the last day. A total of 256 people died with COVID-19.

The number of people infected with coronavirus in Africa has exceeded one million, according to news agencies. However, according to experts, there are, in fact, several times more of them, because not enough tests are performed on a continent with a population of 1.3 billion. The most affected country is South Africa, where tests have confirmed the infection in almost 530,000 people. According to official data, about 9,300 patients with COVID-19 died.

Russia today reported 5,241 new cases and 119 deaths in the past day.

Ukraine set two sad records on Thursday; 1,453 cases were reported, and 33 patients died.