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September 17, 2021 Celebrity

Former President Vaclav Klaus released from hospital

Former President Vaclav Klaus released from hospital - Czech Points

Former President Vaclav Klaus left the Central Military Hospital in Prague shortly after 11:00 today, where he has been since Tuesday due to problems with high pressure. He told the waiting journalists that he felt good and wished his successor Miloš Zeman, who remained in the same hospital, the same.

Asked if he would have a rest regime now, he noted that he was going straight from the hospital instead of home to his institute. “This is my rest regime, I will go there to see it,” said Klaus with a smile, who celebrated his 80th birthday in June this year.

According to the daily Právo, Klaus spent two nights in the hospital last weekend, and the doctors released him on Monday. But he returned to the hospital on Tuesday morning. The former president told reporters on departure that he had very high blood pressure and also stomach complications. At first he did not feel well due to pressure problems, later he reduced his free time by reading magazines. Doctors prescribed him medication, some of which he had said before. Upon departure, he looked forward to staying outside the hospital room. “The hospital beds are so soft and small, so I’m looking forward to normal,” he said.

He entered the military hospital on Tuesday – the same day as Zeman, who, according to doctors, was dehydrated and slightly exhausted. He still stays in the hospital, and as part of the so-called reconditioning stay, according to the Castle, he will receive, among other things, infusions. It is planned to return to work on Wednesday. Klaus wished him today that Zeman would feel better like him. The current and former presidents did not see each other in person during the hospitalization, Klaus said. On Wednesday, Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (YES) visited them both in the hospital.

Klaus has not had health problems often in the past. His health was monitored by the media in 2008, when he underwent hip surgery. In 2012, he underwent cataract surgery. At the end of February this year, he fell ill with covid-19. After a lecture for students of the University of Economics, he was tested for coronavirus and the result was positive. After an examination in the hospital, he went home for treatment.

After November 1989, Václav Klaus held senior political positions for more than 23 years. He was at the birth of the Civic Democratic Party (ODS) and was its chairman for 11 years. He was Minister of Finance, Prime Minister for more than five years, Chairman of the Chamber of Deputies for four years and President of the Republic for ten years. He currently heads the Václav Klaus Institute, lectures and often comments on domestic and foreign policy.