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January 17, 2018 Politics

Following Embarrassing Defeat Babis's Minority Government Expected to Resign Today

Following Embarrassing Defeat Babis's Minority Government Expected to Resign Today - Czech Points

The minority government of Andrei Babiš did not gain confidence from the Chamber of Deputies on Tuesday. As the head of the ANO movement said last week, the government should resign at its Wednesday session. It started at 7:30 am. Later, the January meeting of the Chamber of Deputies will start, where, for example, the re-election of the Chairman of the GIBS Control Commission will be resolved.

At its Wednesday session, the government will discuss the draft amendments to the Rules of Procedure, which, for example, include the participation of the Chief of the Supreme Audit Office at Cabinet meetings. Originally, the ANO government’s minority government, which should officially resign today, did not count in its rules with the presence of the SAO chief. After the opposition MP’s criticism, the proposal changed.

The government will also discuss the constitutional law on the general referendum. It was proposed by MPs of the SPD movement. To call for a referendum, 100,000 signatures should be enough and people could make decisions about everything that is not inconsistent with the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms. According to the lawmaker and SPO Chief Tom Okamura, this is an ideal version and is ready to debate compromises with other parties. The ministerial cabinet does not seem to support the draft Constitutional Act. For example, the Ministry of the Interior or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not recommend it.

On Tuesday’s vote on the Chamber of Deputies, the government gained only 78 votes. All belonged to MEPs. On the contrary, 117 deputies from all the opposition parties, who have previously declared, will not support the government.

The opposition parties, Andrei Babiš, are accusing them of not trying to assemble the majority coalition government, and with the support of the President of the Republic, Milos Zeman, from the outset, he would count on the ANO movement with the minority one-color government, for which he sought support among other parliamentary bodies. But they refused to give it to him.

Following the demise, the cabinet of Prime Minister Babis will continue to govern until the new government is appointed by the President of the Republic. Miloš Zeman said earlier that Babis will once again be commissioned by the new government, but this time he will require the signatures of at least 101 deputies.