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January 24, 2018 Politics

Facebook Blocks Zeman's Fake News Site!

Facebook Blocks Zeman's Fake News Site! - Czech Points

The profile of the server of has disappeared from the Facebook social network for several hours. The site, which had several tens of thousands of fans, was unavailable until 18:00. Parliamentary letters are often referred to as the leading Czech disinformation media with the greatest reach. The reason for page blocking is unknown. The blocking has touched other sites – at least it is the one called Milos Zeman – President of the Czech Republic, which shared the content of the PL.

“At a time when there is growing pressure in the EU to communicate information from IT operators, no contact can be found with the FB representative. We do not know who has told us what we have been blocked for right or wrong. We have no chance of any defense or remedy. I’m sorry that uudvařství is becoming a habit and it is not for the defense, “Jan Holoubek, chairman of the Board of Our Media, who issued the Parliamentary Letters, told INFO.CZ.

Facebook blocks content primarily on the basis of its own evaluation of inappropriate content, but also after the user has reported a profile or page.

“It would be illusory to assume that Facebook is watching and evaluating in detail or censoring content and solving what is true and what is not. It works in such a way that when the reporting by the users exceeds the critical limit, the robot – the algorithm – will stand up and hurt. Repeat is usually not where, “Petr Nutil, who has long been investigating and defusing misinformation on the Internet  , told INFO.CZ.

A personal fate of Jaroslav Polansky, the director of Jaroslav Polansky’s web site, was also a sort of fate as a page of the parliamentary letters. It is publicly available, but the last post is January 21st. Current poll to block Polanski has not been published.

Among other things, the site of Miloš Zeman – the President of the Czech Republic, which shared articles from the Parliamentary Papers, was also blocked.

The situation of the Parliamentary Letters is expressed on the social network, for example, by lawyer Klára Samková. He states that Facebook has blocked the page, and ironically adds that it may have happened within the framework of “objectivity” and “democratic debate”. On the other hand, other Facebook users blocked parliamentary letters.

Parliament letters are often referred to as the most important disinformation web on the Czech Internet. Their monthly readings have grown over a million unique users a month. In recent measurements, however, it has significantly dropped.