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January 19, 2018 Politics

Drahos Takes Over Horacek's Billboards with "I Choose Drahos" Slogan

Drahos Takes Over Horacek's Billboards with

The team of the presidential candidate, Jiří Drahoš, plans to cling to the large advertising space provided by the unsuccessful bidder for Prague Castle Michal Horacek. On the billboards, the password I choose Drahos will appear. On Friday, Drahoš heads for voters in the South Bohemian Region. Present President Milos Zeman is preparing for a televised debate. In the newspapers, ads were launched to support him, attacking Drahos. They made Zeman’s co-workers.

Horáček Drahoš, as well as Marek Hilšer, Pavel Fischer, Mirek Topolánek and Vratislav Kulhánek, supported the fight against current President Milos Zeman on Saturday even during the census of the results of the first round of elections. Horacek and Hilser also offered Drahoš help in the campaign.

Horacek gave him an advertising space, an internet campaign or a contact center. At the same time, he urged his volunteers to support Drahos. Drahoshov’s spokeswoman Kateřina Procházková said that 24 large advertising space will be covered by Saturday, the inscription “I choose Drahos” will be added to the present image.

Drahoš based his campaign mainly on trips to regions, he was in Jablunkov and Třinec in the Moravian-Silesian Region on Tuesday, he went to the Pilsen Region today and headed to the South Bohemian Region on Friday. She plans to visit a dairy farm in Mojny and discuss with the Mayor of Zlatá Koruna, stop at a family farm in Rančice and meet Plešovice village with voluntary fire brigade. A visit to the South Bohemian Region ends at Holub’s afternoon with a press conference and in the evening a meeting with the public and choral singing.

Drahos opponent, Zeman, according to his spokesman, Jiří Drahos, is preparing for a joint debate in Lány. Studying backgrounds and preparing a strategy. Zeman says he does not campaign after announcing the candidacy. In the streets, the billboards and advertisements of his collaborators and supporters from the Friends of Milos Zeman and the Citizens’ Rights Party came to his support.

New ads have been released today in the newspaper. He supports the current president and attacks Drahos, joining him with the support of migration. The contracting authority is Euro-Agency, which, according to Zeman’s transparent account, paid 1,8 million crowns just for advertising in the daily press before the first round of elections.

The director of the Euro – Agency who entered the advertisement is Miroslav Schön. The company’s staff said the announcement of Zeman’s support was an initiative by Schön himself, who is now out of the country, and can not comment on the ad. Nobody else from Euro – Agency can comment on the matter by its staff.

Schön is also the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Lawnmower of Mountfield, where the Chinese Eurasia Development Group won the majority stake last month. President Zeman supported the entry of Chinese investors into Czech companies.