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October 7, 2020 Celebrity

Dominika Myslivcova tests positive for COVID-19

Dominika Myslivcova tests positive for COVID-19 - Czech Points

Another well-known Czech personality has admitted publicly to catching COVID! The blonde blogger Dominika Myslivcová wanted to travel abroad, and a negative test was required, so she underwent a swab in the hospital. But the result shocked her.

During the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic in the spring, celebrities for the most part avoided or at least kept secret their coronavirus infections.

However, this fall, many have already tested positive for COVID. For example, Hana Zagorová, Lucie Bílá, Petr Čtvrtníček and Simona Stašová have already had Covid.

Moderator Libor Bouček and his wife Gabriela are currently fighting the virus, and now blogger and model Dominika Myslivcová has been struck by the virus.

“On Saturday, I received an SMS saying that I was positive for covid. I couldn’t believe it at all (you should see my reaction to the sms). I went to the tests only because of the journey abroad, and it never occurred to me in a dream that I would be positive. I didn’t want to put it here right away, I was waiting for temperatures, shortness of breath, etc. to come. Nothing came, I feel great and no one would know about me that I have a virus in me,” the sexy blonde wrote on the social network.

“So I’m probably a carrier. The question is, how many people actually have it in them, they don’t know about it at all, just like me, and they infect x others. Well, I’ll tell you, I’m useless from the whole situation and I hope that this strange period will be over, “added Dominika, who has no idea where she may have become infected. She now has to be quarantined for ten days, but she still has taste and smell and is generally asymptomatic.