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September 10, 2019 Europe

David Černý's pink tank on exhibition in Stockholm

David Černý's pink tank on exhibition in Stockholm - Czech Points

The tank, which was painted pink with friends from traditional military greenery in April 1991, will be part of an exhibition entitled Democracy in Action, sponsored by the Czech Center in Stockholm in cooperation with the Czech embassy and Swedish organizations.

“Pink Tank was developed as a concept in cooperation with two Swedish curators at the instigation of Niklas Bennwik, who was a few years ago at the Swedish Embassy in Prague. It was primarily about explaining how art draws attention to problems, how a clever idea can erode an undemocratic regime and encourage the nation, ”said Zuzana Kabelková, Director of the Czech Center Stockholm.

“For over 200 years, Sweden has not experienced a conflict, sharing the same historical context as our region. The concept should therefore surprise the Swedish audience, direct attention to our country and give impetus to reflect on the problems of democracy in today’s world, ”she added.

The Democracy in Action project highlights an individual’s ability to raise awareness of threats against democracy.

The exhibition will last through the end of September.

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