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April 3, 2020 Celebrity

Video: David Cerny's 'Beetle' sculpture unveiled in Prague

Video: David Cerny's 'Beetle' sculpture unveiled in Prague - Czech Points

Czech artist David Cerny unveiled his latest work called Beetle in Prague this week.

It depicts a Porsche 911 impaled on a large pin like an insect in a collection. The opalescent color is mean to mimic beetles living in nature. The sculpture has 11 moving segments that move with the help of hydraulics.

Watch the video:

“Why a moving car? Its location by the Prague expressway, my ambivalent relation to the car on one hand, the dark side as a societal fetish, on the other hand a heavy addiction to the iconic Porsche 911 automobile since my childhood,” Cerny said.

The statue was commissioned by Passerinvest Group, which since 1998 has been associated with BB Centrum as an urban developer.