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December 23, 2020 Politics

Daily coronavirus cases surge above 10,000 in Czech Republic

Daily coronavirus cases surge above 10,000 in Czech Republic - Czech Points

The PES epidemic index, which governs measures against the spread of covid-19, has risen from 76 to 81 points today. The increase is due to the increased proportion of positive tests for the new type of coronavirus last week. The index of the previous five days was at 76 points. The number of newly detected cases also indicates the accelerating rate of covid-19 spread. Tests revealed 10,821 new COVID-19 cases Tuesday, approximately 2,900 more than on the same day of the previous week. The last time more than 10,000 cases occurred in the Czech Republic was on 6 November, more than six weeks ago. According to the Ministry of Health.

The national PES point score corresponds to the fifth, the most stringent alert level since Friday, 18 December. Officially, however, anti-epidemic measures for the fourth degree are still in force in the Czech Republic. The government could decide today to move to the fifth. According to earlier statements by the Minister of Health Jan Blatný, it could apply from 25 December or 27 December.

On Tuesday, the epidemic situation worsened compared to Monday for all four indicators affecting the PES index’s value. However, only one of them contributed to the growth by five points, namely the share of positive findings in tests for a new coronavirus in the last seven days. On Monday, this indicator was less than 26 percent. On Tuesday, just over 27 percent.
Of the approximately 31,900 Tuesday tests, covid was detected in 34 percent. The last time a higher proportion of positive samples from all tests was performed was in the Czech Republic on 4 November.

Since the beginning of the epidemic, over 646,000 people have been infected with the new type of coronavirus in the Czech Republic. Almost 85 percent of them have already recovered. Now there are 88,722 patients.

The number of deaths with covid rose by 51 on Tuesday. Since the beginning of March, 10,664 people have died from a new type of coronavirus infection.

In most infected people, the disease is mild or even without apparent symptoms. There were 4,782 patients with covid-19 in hospitals on Tuesday, 618, which doctors assessed as severe. Compared to the same day of the previous week, the number of hospitalizations did not change. Compared to the beginning of December, it was higher by more than a hundred cases.

In the fifth degree is the PES index in all regions except Prague. The worst situation is in the Karlovy Vary region, which has 86 points out of a hundred. Most counties, seven, have a score of 81 points.

In recent days, the disease has spread most in the Opava region and Ostrava. There have been 680 more infections per 100,000 inhabitants in the Opava district in the last seven days, and 675 in Ostrava. The situation is not good in the Kroměříž and Rychnov regions either, where there are 674 and 661 newly infected in the last week per 100,000 inhabitants.