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Czechia reports record high COVID-19 death toll

Czechia reports record high COVID-19 death toll - Czech Points

On Wednesday, the Czech Republic recorded a record proportion of people tested positive for covid-19 and the highest number of deaths from infected people per day, 108. Over 44,000 tests were performed. The number of confirmed cases of covid-19 was also a record – almost 15,000, so the share of those infected in the number of tests reached 33.99 percent. According to the Ministry of Health.

Since March 1, when the first coronavirus infections were recorded in the Czech Republic, a total of approximately 216,400 cases of covid-19 have been confirmed. The disease currently affects about 131,000 people, of whom 4,777 are in hospitals. During the entire epidemic, 1,828 people infected with coronavirus died.

In most patients, covid-19 is mild. The proportion of coronavirus infections currently in hospitals is about 3.9 percent. However, the number of hospitalized and deceased has risen sharply in recent days. Since the beginning of this week alone, the number of hospitalized, including serious cases, and deaths has increased by about a quarter.

Patient care is complicated by the growing number of infected healthcare professionals. By Wednesday, 2,032 doctors and 4,518 nurses had been infected in the Czech Republic. On October 3, 575 doctors and 1,016 nurses, Czech Television (CT), reported today concerning data from the Czech Medical Chamber. The increases are significant, especially this week. According to the Czech Television, the coronavirus was confirmed in 199 doctors and 420 nurses on Monday, 147 doctors and 415 nurses on Tuesday, and on Wednesday in 163 doctors and 413 nurses.

The number of cases of covid-19 in the Zlín region is now growing most markedly, with approximately 999 infections per 100,000 inhabitants in the last seven days. According to the Ministry’s website in the Hradec Králové region, the second most significant growth is currently over 987 cases of covid-19 per 100,000 inhabitants per week.

Due to the rapid spread of the disease, retail sales and the provision of services are banned from today, with a few exceptions, and the movement of people is restricted. People can only buy essential goods, such as food or medicine, and other selected products. For example, car repair shops or consignment offices received an exemption from the closure of services. People’s free movement is prohibited, except for trips to work, shopping, to the doctor, or the family. In addition to the most necessary routes, people can also go to nature or cottages. Only two people can meet unless they are members of the same household.