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Czechia launches nationwide testing program

Czechia launches nationwide testing program - Czech Points

According to Smart Quarantine data published on Twitter, 15,499 people were tested for covid-19 on the first day of voluntary antigen testing. Today, there are over 16,000 people, and the number is still growing. People have the opportunity to get tested until 15 January. There is much interest, especially in terms of Christmas, when people want to use the test to make sure they can meet their older relatives more safely.

Today, all clients of health insurance companies are entitled to a free antigen test once every five days. According to the earlier statement of the Minister of Health Jan Blatný, the daily capacity will be about 60,000 people after all testing sites come online.

The ministry initially planned to begin testing on Friday, December 18, but eventually hastened the launch by two days. Teachers could be tested as early as December 4, but the interest was not so great. Some centers will not be fully involved in public testing until Friday.