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October 5, 2020 Politics

Czechia enters 30 day state of emergency as virus surges

Czechia enters 30 day state of emergency as virus surges - Czech Points

In the Czech Republic, a state of emergency began at midnight due to the country’s surge in coronavirus cases. It is accompanied by measures valid for two weeks, such as the closure of secondary schools in high-risk areas or the ban on mass events indoors for more than ten people, outdoors for over 20. A maximum of six people can now sit at one table in restaurants.

The state of emergency in the Czech Republic was valid for 66 days in the spring. It was now declared for 30 days, until the beginning of November. According to the Minister of Health Roman Prymula, his announcement is an attempt to slow down the number of patients’ growth rate. According to Prymula, the resort needs him, among other things, to be able to involve medical students in work associated with COVID-19. Many health professionals are quarantined.

In the districts, which are marked on the map with red or orange according to the risk of infection, secondary schools will be closed for two weeks today. However, practical training will be able to take place in schools. Hygienists will decide the measures in individual regions.

The traffic lights in red are the capital city of Prague, Prague-west, Prague-east, and Uherskohradišťsko. Most districts, 55, are orange, indicating the second degree of danger. Another 18 districts are green in the first degree of risk.

In primary schools, music education will be taught without singing for 14 days. Gymnastics will be unrestricted in the first stage. In the second stage, it should take place outdoors. Without singing, there will also be music education in secondary schools and conservatories, which will remain open. There will also be prior art and higher vocational schools in the red and orange districts and secondary schools.

Newly organized mass events with the participation of over ten people inside and 20 people outside are prohibited.

Exceptions are members of one household, employment or business or council, and state bodies or courts’ proceedings. The restriction also does not apply to gyms or aqua parks. Theaters and cinemas can continue to play for up to 500 people, but refreshment breaks are prohibited. Restrictions apply to performances with singing, such as opera or musicals. Sports matches can take place, but without spectators.

In restaurants, there can be a maximum of six people at one table. The government limited the number of people at church meetings to a maximum of 100, keeping the gap. Church ceremonies should not be sung – according to Prymul, their limitations across disciplines. Singing is a hazardous area connected with the spread of coronavirus, as evidenced by cases of diseases in the Czech Republic, he said.