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November 11, 2020 Politics

Czech Republic reports 9,016 new COVID-19 cases

Czech Republic reports 9,016 new COVID-19 cases - Czech Points

Laboratories in the Czech Republic on Tuesday confirmed another 9,016 cases of covid-19. Compared to Monday, there were about 3,000 more, but about 3,000 less than a week ago. According to the Ministry of Health. The number of coronavirus deaths has increased by 60 since Tuesday night, killing 5,323 people since the onset of the epidemic. Currently infected are 147,084, most with a mild course of the disease.

The spread of the disease in the Czech Republic has been slowing down in recent days, and the number of hospitalized patients has stagnated. According to the Ministry’s latest data, care in the hospital required 8059 infected people, of which 1191 were in severe condition. But deaths with covid-19 are still increasing rapidly. The ministry lists 109 of them on Tuesday, but the numbers from the last days usually increase with later updates. Last Tuesday, 244 coronavirus patients died, the most in one day since the epidemic’s onset.

In connection with the publication of the number of people who died of coronavirus infection, YES MP and oncologist Rostislav Vyzula turned to the Ministry of Health at a closed meeting of the House Health Committee last week, asking whether it is necessary to do so every day. According to him, the data is inaccurate and depressing for citizens, and he suggested that it be stated: “so that it can be seen that these deaths are extra, or if they are within regular averages.” The website reminded me that the statistics might also include people for whom coronavirus was not the real cause of death. On the contrary, they may be missing those who died suddenly at home, and the reason was covid-19.

Ladislav Dušek, Director of the Institute of Health Information (ÚZIS), also spoke in favor of publishing deaths in the longer term at the committee. However, he has no authority to set rules for publishing numbers. “At the moment when I, as an employee of the IHIS, run out of paper to stop broadcasting the number and properly after the validation informs the public about mortality, for example for the last quarter with standardized values and set causes of death, for example in cooperation with the CZSO, I will be very happy to do so,” Dušek.

Of the 429,880 cases of the disease since its spread in the Czech Republic in March, 277,473 people have been cured.

The disease is now spreading fastest in the Pelhřimov region, with 961 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the past seven days. It follows the Vsetín region with 816 recalculated cases. The relatively best situation is currently in Prague, where 240 are infected per 100,000 inhabitants in the last week.

According to the Minister of Health Jan Blatný, statistics of confirmed infection cases indicate that measures against coronavirus taken two to three weeks ago are evident. There is no reason to tighten them. It is necessary to prepare for a controlled dismantling, the minister said on Monday.

However, according to Deputy Prime Minister Jan Hamáček (ČSSD), the government will have to ask the Chamber of Deputies again to extend the state of emergency, which is still valid until November 20, the development of the epidemic. Hamáček said on Tuesday that the epidemic situation would even require the validity of restrictions announced based on a state of emergency after this date, which includes, for example, the closure of part of the shops or restrictions on the operation of schools. According to Hamáček’s earlier statement, the state of emergency may last until Christmas.