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January 21, 2021 Politics

Czech Republic reports 8,162 new coronavirus cases

Czech Republic reports 8,162 new coronavirus cases - Czech Points

On Wednesday, there were 8,162 new coronavirus cases in the Czech Republic, almost 3,000 less than a week ago. The share of positive tests fell slightly to nearly 30 percent compared to Tuesday. According to the Ministry of Health, another 153 deaths were added to the statistics, with 14,973 people who have died in the country so far with the covid-19 infection. The ministry has not updated the information on hospitalized yet. On Tuesday, there were more than 6,600 patients in hospitals with covid.

Since the beginning of the epidemic in March, laboratories in the Czech Republic have detected 917,359 infected people, more than 782,000 of whom have already recovered from the disease. There are currently approximately 120,000 infected people in the country, most of whom have a mild disease course. There are 1,069 patients in severe condition in hospitals.

The increase in new infections in the week-on-week comparison has been declining regularly recently. This week, there were 25,411 confirmed cases from Monday to Wednesday, compared to 31,075 in the same period last week and even more than 48,000 a week earlier.

However, the death toll remains high. From Monday to Wednesday, 345 people died in the Czech Republic with a covid, with 65 deaths on Wednesday. However, this data usually increases with further updates. Since the beginning of January, the daily numbers of victims are generally higher than 150.

Laboratories in the country on Wednesday performed approximately 27,500 PCR tests for a new type of coronavirus. Less accurate but faster antigen tests were 16,500. In both cases, it’s at least this week. The seven-day average of the positive samples’ proportion is 28.5 percent, so Wednesday’s result was slightly above average.

The most affected region is now Trutnov, where they have recorded 1,094 infections per 100,000 inhabitants in the past seven days. Cheb follows it with 854 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. On the contrary, in several regions, this figure fell below 300. The relatively best is Strakonice, with 226 infected per 100,000 inhabitants, followed by Teplice and Chomutov.

To date, healthcare professionals in the Czech Republic have administered 154,989 doses of the covid-19 vaccine. Over 7,200 people received the second dose, said Minister of Health Jan Blatný at a press conference.

The PES anti-epidemic risk index remains at 73 points the second day. For more than a week, it has stayed in the fourth of five levels of risk. Compared to the Wednesday, the reproductive number increased by one hundredth, which indicates how many people on average infect one positively tested. It has a value of 0.83. The other three monitored criteria have been declining for several days now.