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April 2, 2021 Politics

Czech Republic reports 7,208 COVID-19 cases

Czech Republic reports 7,208 COVID-19 cases - Czech Points

In the Czech Republic, 5,779 people died in March with coronavirus, about 800 more than in the most tragic November so far. Since the beginning of the epidemic, the Czech Republic has 26,586 deaths from covid-19. Vaccination has slowed high mortality and reduced the severe course of the disease. More than half a million people in the Czech Republic have completed vaccination against covid, both necessary doses. According to the Ministry of Health, almost 1.2 million people have been vaccinated at least once a quarter.

The epidemic has been slowing in recent weeks, with laboratories revealing 7208 positive coronavirus infections on Wednesday. In a week-on-week comparison, the daily number of new cases is about 1,600 lower. Compared to Tuesday, there are about 1,400 fewer newly infected cases. The number of new cases of covid-19 decreases from the daily average by about 2,000 to 2,500 per week. However, the number of hospitalized is decreasing only very slowly. According to Ladislav Dušek, the epidemic situation is therefore contradictory. According to Ladislav Dušek, director of the Institute of Health Information and Statistics (ÚZIS), he said at Wednesday’s meeting of the parliamentary committee for health care.

The IHIS models, including the current strict measures, assumed 320,000 positive tests in March. According to present data on the Ministry’s website, it was 291,000 cases. However, according to Dušek, hospitals are still at the limit of their capacities. In the last week, there has been a decrease of 9.7 percent in hospitalizations in total and in intensive care units by 7.3 percent. According to Dušek, vaccination’s effect may already be evident. It will be specific in about two weeks.

According to the ministry, 7,298 people were hospitalized on Wednesday, of which 1,623 were in serious condition. Compared to the previous day, there were about 500 fewer infections in hospitals; in the week-on-week comparison, their number decreased by about 870.

The PES epidemic system’s score, which previously governed measures against the spread of the disease, has fallen from 59 to 55 points to date. It remains in the third of five readiness levels, the lowest since the beginning of last October. Behind the decline is the improvement in the average number of new infections with coronavirus per 100,000 population in the previous two weeks, to 939 on Wednesday. 86.

The disease is now most widespread in northern Bohemia. In the Děčín region, they recorded 515 infections per 100,000 inhabitants in the past seven days and 513 in the Českolipsko region. On the contrary, the relatively best situation is in the Cheb region, where 67 infections per 100,000 inhabitants last week. In no other part has this figure fallen below 100.