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Czech Republic reports 6,402 new coronavirus cases

Czech Republic reports 6,402 new coronavirus cases - Czech Points

On Wednesday, 6,402 new coronavirus cases were reported in the Czech Republic, which has been the highest since 19 November. The PES risk score remains at 64 points, so it corresponds to the fourth level of readiness on the fifth day. 

According to the Ministry of Health, all indicators have deteriorated. For example, the reproductive number is growing, indicating the average number of others infected from one positive test; now it is around 1.1. The share of positive tests also increased. The government will also monitor developments in hospitals when assessing the epidemic.

The Minister of Health Jan Blatnýconsiders it possible that the government will assess the Czech Republic’s transition back to the fourth degree on Monday if the negative trend cannot be stopped by then. “I say in advance that it would be far enough for everyone to prepare for it,” he added. With restrictions, all stores could work, not just as before, only those with essential goods and other selected assortment. According to Blatný, the government does not want to discriminate against small operators at the expense of large chains, which, in addition to food and drugstores, also offer clothing, footwear, books, electronics, and other goods.

On Monday, the government could discuss the tightening of measures against the spread of coronavirus until Christmas if the epidemic continues to worsen. According to the rules of the milder third degree of the anti-epidemic system of PES, the republic has been following for only a week. However, stores would remain open even in a tightening to the fourth degree, regardless of the range offered. The tightening would also apply to schools, and the extension of the Christmas holidays by two days is also at stake. The Cabinet has decided that the state of emergency in the Czech Republic will apply until 23 December. He is likely to ask Members again for another extension before the holidays.