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November 19, 2020 Politics

Czech Republic reports 5,515 new COVID-19 cases

Czech Republic reports 5,515 new COVID-19 cases - Czech Points

The coronavirus risk score in the Czech Republic has dropped from 70 points to 62. It remains in the fourth degree, approaching the third. On Wednesday, there were 5,515 new COVID-19 cases. Compared to last week, it is 3,405 less. There are currently 100,970 infected in the Czech Republic. The number of deaths with covid increased by 66 to 6,740 on Wednesday, almost half in November. According to the Ministry of Health.

The fourth risk level indicates a serious condition in the anti-epidemic system (PES). The number of infected people in the population is high, and the risk of further deterioration is significant. It is limited to 61 and 75 points. In the Czech Republic, measures corresponding to the fifth, worst degree are now in place. Minister of Health Jan Blatný said last week that if the number remains below 75 by Wednesday, he will propose to the government to relax the measure. This could probably be true from next Monday. In the last seven days, the score was 70 points. Blatný wants to evaluate the data today. He told Czech television on Wednesday that the Czechia could be in third place at Christmas.

Since March, when the disease began to spread in the Czech Republic, the coronavirus has been detected in 475,284 people. More than three-quarters of them have already recovered. The number of deaths with covid-19 rose to 6,740 on Wednesday, of which 3,223 fell in November. So far, most people with covid died on November 3, killing 256 victims. According to the data, the number of hospitalized with covid fell by more than 500 to 6322 on Tuesday evening and was at least since October 26. The number of patients in severe condition fell below one thousand for the first time since October.

The ministry will inform tonight about the number of tests on Wednesday. Laboratories performed 17,100 tests on Tuesday, approximately 9,000 less than on Monday. However, less is tested on days off. The share of positive tests rose to 24.8 percent. On Monday, it was four percentage points lower. The seven-day average, one of the indicators for calculating the risk score, is about 24 percent.

The worst situation in the Czech Republic remains in the Havlíčkův Brod region. Hygienists have recorded 675 infections per 100,000 inhabitants in the past seven days and 533 in the neighboring Chrudim region. On the other hand, Prague is relatively the best, with about 150 cases of coronavirus per 100,000 inhabitants in the past week. In the Sokolovská region, the figure is 154.

The state of emergency in the Czech Republic has been in force since October and should end on Friday. Deputies will today consider another request from the government for approval of the extension by 30 days until December 20. From the representatives of the parliamentary parties’ statements so far, it follows that the lower house could, as in the past, nod for a shorter time. They last agreed on 17 days. The validity of an emergency requires all five risk score bands.

Some measures against covid have changed on Wednesday. After about a month’s break, freshmen and sophomores returned to primary schools, and after two weeks, special schools also opened. The new rules began to apply to shops, for example.