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June 9, 2021 Politics

Czech Republic reports 384 new coronavirus cases

Czech Republic reports 384 new coronavirus cases - Czech Points

The coronavirus epidemic is further declining in the Czech Republic. Tests on Tuesday confirmed 384 cases of the infection, which is 94 less than a week ago and at the same time the lowest Tuesday increase since the end of August. The incidence number also continues to fall, with less than 20 infected per 100,000 inhabitants in the past seven days. This indicator is above 25 in the South Bohemian and Liberec regions. Over 111,000 people received vaccinations against covid on Tuesday, bringing the number of doses given to more than six million. 17.3 percent of the Czech population has completed vaccination, and a total of 49 percent of people participate in vaccination. It follows from the data Ministry of Health.

Tuesday’s 111,024 doses of covid-19 vaccination were about 7,300 more than a week ago. So far, health professionals in the Czech Republic have distributed more than 110,000 doses per day five times. So far, 6,099,710 vaccination doses have been administered in the Czech Republic; for most of the vaccines used, two doses are required for full vaccination. 1,852,757 people have completed vaccinations, which is 17.3 percent of the Czech Republic’s 10.7 million inhabitants. Of the 16+ population, this represents 20.9 percent.

4.3 million people in the Czech Republic, ie 40.2 percent of the total population, received at least one benefit. Almost 440,000 people have a vaccination appointment and almost half a million people are registered and waiting for the vaccination appointment. According to the ministry, a total of 5.243 million people participate in vaccination, which is 49 percent of the total population.

The highest number of cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last seven days is now in the South Bohemian Region with 38 cases and the lowest in the Karlovy Vary Region, where it is below five. In the past, the Ministry of Health planned to mitigate anti-epidemic measures according to packages, one of which was 25 cases in seven days per 100,000 inhabitants. In addition to the South Bohemian Region, the Liberec Region is also above this limit with 26 cases. There are 17 districts above this figure, while the worst situation is in the Český Krumlov region with 86 cases in this recalculation. It is followed by České Budějovice and Prachatice, which are over 60.

As the epidemic subsided, the government was able to ease further measures this week. From Tuesday, he can learn in most Czech schools without drapes, the obligation remained only in the South Bohemian, Liberec and Zlín regions. All kinds of coronavirus tests, including self-tests or affidavits, apply everywhere to prove infectivity from Tuesday. The government has also raised the limit on the number of spectators at cultural events to 1,000 indoors and 2,000 outdoors.

On Tuesday, the South Bohemian governor Martin Kuba (ODS) asked the Minister of Health Adam Vojtěch to reconsider the instructions regarding the wearing of veils in schools and to decide on them in districts, not in regions. According to the Minister, however, it is possible to go to the level of districts if the situation continues to improve. According to him, about twenty districts are now problematic, and when there are around five of them, it is possible to go to the district level, according to him.

The reproductive number, which indicates the average number of infected from one positive test, has decreased slightly to 0.83 to date. It was 0.84 on Tuesday. However, it is still well below one, which means that the spread of the epidemic is slowing down.

As the epidemic subsides, the number of patients hospitalized with coronavirus also decreases. There were 285 of them on Tuesday, 40 of them in serious condition. Both numbers were last lower last year before mid-September. One week ago, 190 more were hospitalized with a covid.

Since the first cases of coronavirus last March, the infection has been detected in more than 1.66 million people in the Czech Republic, and 30,202 patients have died with covid-19. The daily increase in those infected has been gradually declining since the beginning of March this year, when in the fourth wave of the epidemic in the Czech Republic they reached almost 17,000. Similarly, deaths with covid-19 are declining. In March, about two hundred people died of the disease a day, and the number of deaths per day has remained below ten since Friday last year. Two people died on Tuesday, but the figure may change retroactively.