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October 6, 2020 Politics

Czech Republic reports 3,119 new COVID-19 cases

Czech Republic reports 3,119 new COVID-19 cases - Czech Points

New coronavirus cases in the Czech Republic surged again on Monday. There were 3,119 confirmed cases of COVID-19, the fourth-highest increase since the onset of the epidemic in the country. According to the Ministry of Health. Today, laboratories have detected another 1,611 infected, more than on Monday at the same time. So far, a total of 789 people have died with coronavirus in the Czech Republic.

Since March 1, when the first cases of COVID-19 appeared in the Czech Republic, a total of 87,176 infected have been recorded. More than half of them have already recovered. Currently, 39,751 people suffer from the disease.

On Sunday, 29 people died with coronavirus in the Czech Republic, which is the highest. On Monday, the number of victims fell only slightly, to 25. However, these figures may change retroactively. The ministry also notes that the statistics include the deaths of all people who tested positive for COVID-19, regardless of the cause of death.

The highest daily increase in COVID-19 cases since the onset of the disease spread in March was recorded last week on Friday when 3,794 more infected. On Saturday and Sunday, the increase fell. However, Saturday’s 2556 cases represented the largest increase in the weekend day ever, and Sunday’s 1840 cases were the largest increase in the Sunday since the epidemic began.

In most infected people, COVID-19 has a mild course. Only about 3.4 percent of people who are currently ill ended up in the hospital. However, the number of hospitalized has been increasing rapidly recently. According to the ministry’s latest data, it has risen by more than half last week alone. There are currently 1,387 people in coronavirus hospitals, 387 of whom are in serious condition.

The share of positive results in the total number of tests was a record 23.7 percent on Sunday. It fell to 17.8 percent on Monday, the second-highest since the beginning of the epidemic. Behind the higher share of positive tests is a decrease in regional hygienic stations’ tracing of contacts. More people than hygienists are sent to the test by general practitioners, who look for the infection due to symptoms. This was written on Twitter by the Institute of Molecular and Translational Medicine Marián Hajdúch, who leads a laboratory group of the Ministry of Health. According to the Institute of Health Information and Statistics Ladislav Dušek, the decrease in self-paying tests is also behind the higher share.

The disease is now the most widespread in the Uherské Hradiště region, where almost 405 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants have been recorded in the last seven days. In no other region has the number of new cases exceeded three hundred. The Náchod region is still approaching this border, where 291 cases per 100,000 inhabitants were recorded last week.

Health Minister Roman Prymula warned that if not everyone respects measures against the disease’s spread, the government will have to tighten them. The latest restrictions came into force on Monday, along with the state of emergency. These include the closure of secondary schools in areas marked on the map according to the risk of infection in red and orange or the ban on mass indoor events for more than ten people, outdoor for over 20. No singing should be done in music education; In restaurants, a maximum of six people can now sit at one table.