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September 23, 2020 Politics

Czech Republic reports 2,394 new coronavirus cases

Czech Republic reports 2,394 new coronavirus cases - Czech Points

The Czech Republic recorded 2,394 new daily confirmed coronavirus on Tuesday, the second-highest daily increase since the beginning of the epidemic. There have been 53,158 cases since 1 March, when the first cases of COVID-19 appeared in the Czech Republic. The number of current cases is higher than the total number of people that have recovered. A similar situation was last seen in April. The disease now affects 26,476 people, 26,151 people have recovered, and 531 have died. Most of those infected have a mild course of the disease. However, a record of 581 people are currently hospitalized, 115 of them in serious condition, which is also the most since the beginning of the epidemic.

The number of infected people in the country has been increasing significantly in the last two weeks. On Tuesday, 8 September, the daily increases in coronavirus confirmed cases exceeded one thousand for the first time, two thousand last Wednesday, and three thousand on Thursday. At that time, the laboratories recorded 3128 positive tests, the most so far in one day. Since the beginning of September alone, more than 28,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 have increased in the Czech Republic.

The number of hospitalized and deaths is also rising. At the beginning of September, there were about 400 fewer people with hospitals, so the number of hospitalized more than tripled. There were more than 100 deaths in COVID-19 in September to a total of 531 deaths. The ministry registers units of deaths daily, except for last Friday and this Monday, when, according to statistics, 11 and 14 people died of COVID-19, respectively. Monday’s death toll is the second-highest number of deaths in a single day since 8 April, when 15 people died. The Ministry warns that daily records may change retroactively as they are continuously updated. “The reporting of deaths has a certain delay compared to the real situation due to the validation and closure of cases of regional hygienic stations,” the office states. So far, the ministry has registered three people’s deaths on Tuesday.

Due to the deteriorating situation, the government reopened the Central Crisis Staff on Monday. Its boss and Minister of the Interior Jan Hamáček said that he considers protecting vulnerable groups and ensuring that the health care system is not overwhelmed as the main goals of the body’s activities.

According to the Ministry of Health, the number of new cases is also related to the large volume of tests. In August, the number of tests per day only exceeded 10,000. Last week the number of tests on working days did not fall below 17,400, and on Thursday, it exceeded the record 23,000. The laboratories performed 18,145 tests on Monday, and the ministry will publish Tuesday’s number this evening.

The infection is most widespread in Prague. In the capital, hygienists in the last seven days confirmed almost 218 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, followed by Prague-East with about 202 cases, Prague-West with 184 cases, and Uherskohradišťsko with 183 cases. In the last week, 177 infected people per 100,000 inhabitants in the Liberec region and 164 cases in the Plzeň-město district.

The Ministry of Health will today announce further measures to curb the COVID-19 epidemic. According to Tuesday’s statement by Minister Roman Prymula, it will be a mandatory closing of restaurants and bars at 22:00 and restricting sports events. The tightened measures are to take effect from Thursday, and if they lead to a reduction in critical indicators of the spread of the infection, they will be lifted after 14 days, according to Prymula.

Today, Germany will probably classify practically the entire Czech Republic as a risk area and will require a coronavirus or quarantine test when entering its territory.

The Netherlands reacted similarly on Tuesday. People from the Czech Republic have to quarantine after arriving in the Netherlands, even if they have a negative test for COVID-19. Several other countries have already added the Czech Republic to their lists of high-risk countries, such as Slovakia and the United Kingdom.