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January 5, 2021 Politics

Czech Republic reports 12,860 new coronavirus cases

Czech Republic reports 12,860 new coronavirus cases - Czech Points

Tests in the Czech Republic on Monday confirmed 12,860 new cases of covid-19, almost 2,000 more than a week ago. Nearly 760,000 people in the Czech Republic have been infected with the novel coronavirus since the beginning of the epidemic. About four-fifths of them recovered from the disease, according to the Ministry of Health. There are now 121,500 people in the Czech Republic with a proven covid, the most since 29 October. 6,680 people were hospitalized on Monday, 940 more than a week ago. Today, the anti-epidemic system PES’s risk index rose to 89 points, the seventh day remains in the strictest, fifth level of alert.

Laboratories in the Czech Republic performed almost 32,400 PCR tests for a new type of coronavirus on Monday, 4,200 more than a week ago. Nearly 40 percent of the samples had a positive result. Cheaper but less accurate antigen tests were performed on Monday at approximately 37,400.

The Czech Republic’s epidemic situation has been deteriorating significantly since the end of last year, with many hospitals facing an influx of new patients with covid. There were a total of 6,680 of them on Monday, of which 954 were in serious condition. Compared to the previous Monday, the number of hospitalized increased by 940. The last time more patients with covid were in hospitals on 13 November. To date, medical facilities faced the most significant influx of patients with covid at the beginning of November, when their number exceeded 8,000.

According to the latest data, 12,257 people died with a proven covid in the Czech Republic. According to the ministry’s statistics, 71 people died on Monday and 462 from the beginning of the year, which is more than for the entire period from March to the end of August.

All regions in the Czech Republic are in the fifth, the highest degree of epidemic risk. The worst situation is in the Pardubice region, where the value of PES increased to 94 points. They have an almost 20 points lower index in the Pilsen and South Bohemian regions, which means that it is at the fifth degree’s lower limit.

The coronavirus is now spreading fastest in the Trutnov region, where 911 infections per 100,000 inhabitants have increased over the past week. Rychnov follows it with 908 cases and Hradec Králové with 903 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. The best situation is in Domažlice, with 234 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last seven days.