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December 7, 2020 Politics

Czech Republic reports 1,113 new coronavirus cases

Czech Republic reports 1,113 new coronavirus cases - Czech Points

On Sunday, there were 1,113 new cases of coronavirus reported in the Czech Republic. It’s about 40 more a week earlier. Daily increases compared to previous weeks have been declining since the end of October. The trend reversed on Thursday. According to the Ministry of Health. The anti-epidemic PES system’s risk score rose by seven points to 64 on Sunday, which corresponds to a stricter fourth alert level. Due to weekend technical problems, the ministry will not publish its current value until 8:00.

Since the beginning of the epidemic in March, laboratories in the Czech Republic have detected 546,833 infected people. More than 478,000 people have already recovered from the disease. There are now almost 60,000 infected people in the country, most of whom have a mild disease course.

Sunday’s increase in new cases is the lowest in a week, which is common in the long run. On Sundays, the least is regularly tested. In the whole week, there were 27,112 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the Czech Republic. Although daily increases have increased in the last four days in the week-on-week comparison, the overall number is still slightly lower than a week earlier, when laboratories detected 27,418 infected.

8,902 people have died with covid-19 so far, but the death toll has been declining recently. There were 94 dead on Tuesday, less than a hundred for the first time since October 18. The ministry records 90 deaths on Thursday, 78 on Friday, 79 on Saturday, and 40 deaths on Sunday. However, with further updates, this data is likely to increase.

On Saturday, 4,179 patients were hospitalized with coronavirus, almost 260 less than the day before. 553 of them were in serious condition, which means a decrease of 23 cases. Laboratories performed 12,804 tests on covid-19 on Saturday, as usual, significantly less than on weekdays – last week, it averaged about 22,000 tests a day. The share of positive tests has risen to almost 26 percent, the highest since November 14. The ministry will publish Sunday’s data tonight.

Since Thursday, December 3, the Czechia has been in the third degree of severity of measures in the anti-epidemic system, which has made it possible to open all shops, restaurants, hotels, and service establishments with limited capacity. Due to the high proportion of positive cases and the increase in the reproduction number above one, the anti-epidemic system PES score increased by seven points to 64 on Sunday, which would correspond to the fourth degree, which ranges from 61 to 75 points. For deterioration, the score in this band would have to remain for three days.

On Saturday and Sunday, the ministry had a problem updating the data. It published valid data on Sunday until around noon because the system had previously experienced a network outage. The website provided incomplete information in the morning. To prevent these problems, the data will be republished at 8:00. “By postponing the update to this morning, there will be room for enhanced data control and possible troubleshooting,” the ministry said.