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November 30, 2020 Politics

Czech Republic reports 1,074 new COVID-19 cases

Czech Republic reports 1,074 new COVID-19 cases - Czech Points

There were 1,074 new covid-19 cases in the Czech Republic on Sunday, which is the lowest since 20 September and about 400 less than the previous Sunday. According to the Ministry of Health. At the weekend, however, a significantly lower number of tests are usually performed than on weekdays. The office will not publish testing data for Sunday until tonight. The deaths of people with covid-19 were 48 on Sunday, at least since 11 October. However, the Ministry usually repeatedly increases data on the number of deaths for individual days retrospectively.

The anti-epidemic system PES index remains at 57 points for the eighth day in a row, which corresponds to the third level of alert out of five. However, measures against covid-19 corresponding to the fourth degree are still in force in the Czech Republic. The government decided on Sunday that the third level of alert will not apply until 3 December. They will open restaurants, all shops, and service establishments and end the night’s restrictions on free movement. For schools, the third level of the measure will not apply until Monday, 7 December.

The so-called PES risk scores vary considerably in individual regions. In Prague, where it is the lowest, it is 42 points. It is the highest with 69 points in the Hradec Králové region. The score range for the third degree of risk is 41 to 60 points. While in Prague, the situation is thus close to the second degree, it is at the fourth-degree level in several regions.

Since 1 March, when the first cases of coronavirus infection were recorded in the Czech Republic, tests have confirmed covid-19 in a total of approximately 520,000 people. The disease now affects more than 67,000 people, but most of them have a milder covid-19. According to the latest data, 4,565 people ended up in hospitals on 28 November 28, about 6.7 percent of patients. A total of 8138 infected people have died since the beginning of the epidemic.

The number of hospitalized and daily increases in deaths have been steadily declining recently. Since the beginning of November, when the number of hospitalized was a record, the number of people with covid-19 in hospitals has decreased by almost half. The daily increases in the number of deaths at the beginning of November were over two hundred.

In recent days, covid-19 has spread the most in Havlíčkův Brod. In the past seven days, there have been 610 more people infected per 100,000 inhabitants. In other districts in the Czech Republic, the increase in cases per capita per week is up to several hundred lower.