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March 16, 2021 Politics

Czech Republic reports 10,511 new coronavirus cases

Czech Republic reports 10,511 new coronavirus cases - Czech Points

There were 10,511 new coronavirus cases in the Czech Republic, 130 less than a week ago on Monday. Since mid-February, this is the lowest Monday increase in the number of infected. The number of hospitalized with covid remains high. Compared to the previous week, their number decreased by 150, but they increased by 340 to 8939. 2000 are in serious condition.

Daily deaths remain high, with 23,657 people killed by covid-19.

The reproduction number indicating the average number of other people infected with one positive test has remained at 0.94 to date.

According to Monday’s statement by the Minister of Health Jan Blatný, the epidemic situation is not entirely critical, but it is not developing according to the most optimistic scenario. Therefore, according to Blatný, an emergency is still needed, and anti-coronavirus measures will not be significantly alleviated.

According to the ministry, 1.41 million people have been infected since the beginning of last March, when the new type of coronavirus was first confirmed in the Czech Republic. About 1.21 million have been cured. More than 78,000 people are currently infected.

In recent days, the epidemic has spread the most in the Jablonec and Jindřichův Hradec regions, where 1,025 and 1,003 new cases per 100,000 inhabitants, respectively, have been added in the last week. The districts of Mladá Boleslav, Kolín, and Česká Lípa report just under 1,100 infected in the previous seven days.

Laboratories performed over 165,000 tests for the presence of covid-19 on Monday. Approximately four-fifths of the samples were screened by antigen assays, which are less sensitive than PCR assays. In the week-on-week comparison, there were 5,000 fewer tests.

In the week-on-week comparison, the number of administered doses of the coronavirus vaccine was reduced. As of Monday evening, healthcare professionals administered 32,450 doses, and a week earlier, there were 900 more. A total of 1.12 million doses of vaccine have been given in the Czech Republic since December last year, with 308,341 people receiving the second required dose.

Blatný stated that he wants to reach at least 35,000 administered doses of vaccines per day in March at the beginning of March. However, this limit has been exceeded only five times so far. So far, the most reported doses of vaccines in one day were last Thursday, when medics gave 51,153, according to the ministry.