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Czech Republic reports 10,466 new covid-19 cases

Czech Republic reports 10,466 new covid-19 cases - Czech Points

The number of patients with covid-19 in serious condition in the Czech Republic rose to 1,789 on Monday, which is the most during the entire epidemic. A total of 8,478 were hospitalized, the second-highest number since the beginning of the epidemic. The number of vacant hospital beds remains low. As of previous days, only 14 percent of ICU beds and 24 percent of standard oxygen beds were vacant throughout the country this morning, as in earlier days. The reproductive number dropped below 1, indicating a slowdown in the epidemic. The number indicates how many other people get infected with one who has tested positive.

The number of hospitalizations with covid-19 has jumped in recent weeks. Since the start of the epidemic last week on Tuesday, March 2, it reached its highest level at more than 8,500. According to the ministry, only about 5,500 were hospitalized by the end of January. The number of occupied hospital beds is thus higher than the number of hospitalized in the statistics.

However, the number of newly confirmed cases of covid-19 in the Czech Republic fell again on Monday. Compared to the previous week, it decreased by almost 2000 to 10,466. On Monday, the most antigenic tests for coronavirus in one day were performed so far, over 91,000, as well as almost 22,000 PCR tests. The vast majority of Monday’s tests consisted of those performed for preventive reasons and as part of a comprehensive test. Last week, mandatory area testing began in companies.

In preventive testing for coronavirus, the proportion of detected positive cases on Monday was only 1.6 percent. In the so-called diagnostic indication, when, for example, people were showing symptoms of covid-19 are tested, the proportion of positive tests was 43.3 percent, which was more than last Monday. The ratio of positives was also higher in the epidemiological indication of tests when tested, for example, due to possible contact with the infected person. It reached 20.8 percent.

The number of deaths of people with covid-19 since the beginning of the epidemic has exceeded 22,000. According to retrospectively updated data of the ministry, it got above this limit already on Sunday. On Monday, it was 22,147. Since March 1 last year, when the first coronavirus infections were recorded in the Czech Republic, a total of 1.3 million infections have been confirmed. Currently, covid-19 has over 163,000 people in the Czech Republic. Recently, the disease has spread the most in the Strakonice region, where 1,183 cases per 100,000 inhabitants have been recorded in the last seven days.

Since December 27 last year, covid-19 has been vaccinated in the Czech Republic. Since then, a total of about 863,000 doses of vaccine have been given by Monday night, and almost 268,000 people have already received both doses. Over 29,000 doses were given on Monday, about 7,000 more than the previous Monday. Minister of Health Jan Blatný said last week that he wants to reach at least 35,000 doses of vaccines a day in March and even 100,000 in April.