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September 18, 2019 Politics

Czech Republic ranks 24th in Social Progress Index

Czech Republic ranks 24th in Social Progress Index - Czech Points

The Czech Republic ranked 24th out of 149 countries in terms of quality of life, according to the 2019 Social Progress Index.

Although the Czech Republic moved up in the rankings, it is slightly worse off. In the International Index of Social Development, which evaluates countries in dozens of different categories, it gained 84.36 points out of 100 possible. Last year it was 84.66 points.

The Czech Republic has long maintained a good position in basic human needs. The report noted improvements in fundamental human rights and individual freedoms. While on the contrary, it deteriorated in the quality of the environment and access to information.

In the ranking, the Czech Republic now ranks behind Korea and ahead of Estonia, which overtaken the USA. “Even the richest countries have weaknesses they have to address. Worldwide, we should be concerned that personal rights indicators are falling. Even in the cradle of democracy such as the US,” President Deloitte Josef Kotrba said. “If we compare the states of the Visegrad Four in the area of ​​personal rights, the Czech Republic is far ahead of Slovakia, Poland, and Hungary,” he added.

Since 2014, the quality of life in the world has improved by an average of 2.31 points to 64.47 points. Compared to last year, the world improved by 1.01 points. Globally, the most significant improvements are in the areas of shelter, drinking water, and sanitation, access to information and access to higher education.