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June 4, 2020 Politics

Czech Covid-19 cases continue to grow

Czech Covid-19 cases continue to grow - Czech Points

The number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the Czech Republic continues to accelerate. 

There were 74 more cases, the most in the last 11 days. Nine thousand four hundred seventy-eight cases have been recorded in the Czech Republic so far, with 40 more on reported on Thursday. Six thousand eight hundred eight people have received treatment for the coronavirus, and 325 have died. There are currently 2,345 patients in the Czech Republic. In most cases, the disease is mild. There are now 124 patients in hospitals, 13 of whom are in severe condition.

Laboratories performed over 4,700 tests on Wednesday, about 1,600 less than on Tuesday. The ratio of infected to the number of tests rose to 1.57 percent. On Tuesday it was about one percent. The last time it was higher than on Wednesday was on Sunday. This week, the number of infected people is gradually increasing. On Monday, there was an increase of 34 on Tuesday 62 and Wednesday 74.

Prague remains the epicenter with 2,190 cases so far, of which 1,300 have recovered. 

Ministry statistics say one person died on Wednesday, the same as on Tuesday. There was one death reported on Thursday. The figures are not final.