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September 15, 2020 Politics

Cyprus bans Czech travelers

Cyprus bans Czech travelers - Czech Points

Cyprus ranked the Czech Republic among the countries at risk due to the spread of coronavirus. People who have been in the Czech Republic for the past 14 days are not allowed in Cyprus from Friday, September 18. This also applies to people who only passed through the Czechia. The Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs informed about the government’s decision in Nicosia on the website today.

Exceptions to the ban on crossing borders will be, for example, Cypriot citizens and their family members or people with permanent residence, the Czech Embassy in Cyprus said on its website. However, upon arrival, they must pass the COVID-19 test and enter the two-week quarantine, regardless of whether they had a positive or negative test.

Based on epidemiological data, the Cypriot Ministry of Health has newly reclassified the Czechia and Hungary to the list of “category C” countries with the highest risk of infection. Among the EU countries in this category are, for example, Bulgaria, France, Croatia, Spain, and the Netherlands. Until now, the Czech Republic belonged to the “category B.” Upon arrival from category B countries, travelers in Cyprus must prove themselves with a negative coronavirus test.

Slovakia has also announced the inclusion of the entire Czech Republic as a high-risk country on Friday, September 18. Restrictions or mandatory quarantines or tests on COVID-19 for people from the Czech Republic or Prague only apply in Belgium, Britain, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Hungary, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, and Switzerland.