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January 11, 2018 Politics

Chamber of Deputies Hand Babis Bitter Defeat

Chamber of Deputies Hand Babis Bitter Defeat - Czech Points

The opposition parties, after the House’s Wednesday session, fed into the ANO movement that it was unable to hold a meeting on which the Babis Government’s vote was to be voted on. ODS talks about the political defeat of the election winner, the CSSD about the big shame.

“It’s a big political defeat for the election winner. After three months we are at the beginning, ” ODS deputy chief Zbynek Stanjura told the evening press briefing .

ODS chairman Petr Fiala added that the main cause of confusion in the Chamber of Deputies is the agreement of President Miloš Zeman with Prime Minister Andrej Babiš ( ANO ) that it is possible to negotiate a government without a majority in the lower house. This is not possible according to Fiala.

“We have experienced great disgrace. I am in the Chamber of Deputies a third term of office and I did not experience trust or distrust on the day when she was asked “, stated the Chairman of the CSSD deputies Jan Chvojka.

Deputy Jan Birke (CSSD) said the meeting was unprepared, and this situation occurs once every ten years. He pointed out that ANO has a non-professional approach.

Chief of the People’s Party, Pavel Bělobrádek, said that what was happening on Wednesday in the House was unnecessary. “The whole situation was unnecessarily high, it was more like a cabaret,” he said.

The House should vote on Wednesday to express confidence in Andrew Babis’ minority government (ANO). But the meeting was eventually interrupted due to a meeting of the mandate and immune committee on the Stork Nest case, which features Babiš and Jaroslav Faltýnek , the vice-chair of ANO .

House Speaker Radek Vondráček of the ANO movement stressed at the press conference that the mandate and immunity committee should meet ten minutes after the meeting.

“As a result of this, various pieces of information began to spread and, in a turbulent atmosphere, parliamentary clubs began taking breaks. Factual negotiations on the program and trust in the government was not possible, “he explained why ANO voted for the interruption of negotiations.