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August 1, 2018 Politics

Babis's popularity lowest in four years!

Babis's popularity lowest in four years! - Czech Points

Prague – Prime Minister Andrej Babiš is losing popularity according to STEM polls. In June, it has been the worst since 2014, but still remains the most popular politician. Very favorably or rather favorably, it is rated by 47 percent of the population. At the beginning of 2015, when it was the best, it was seen by 72 percent of people.

“Apparently the complicated way of setting up the government would be the obvious turning point, as Jaroslav Faltýnek, who played an important role in government negotiations, has yet to know seven of our citizens,” the survey authors say.

In third place, Ivan Bartos, the pioneer chairman, is the same as in the last February survey. 36% of people are positive about it. Tomo Okamura, the SPD leader, with 35% of the total support, remains the fourth. The fifth place was occupied by Communist President Filip and the sixth chairman of the Social Democrats Hamáček.

Okamura’s rating is contradictory, according to STEM. On the one hand, there is a camp of solid supporters, on the other, a group of strong opponents. There is a clear rejection of one third of the public against it. The worst-ranked politician is the TOP 09 deputy head Miroslav Kalousek, who is extremely unfavorably seen by almost three fifths of respondents. The high share of unfavorable STEM ratings was also found by Pavel Bělobrádek, chairman of the KDU-CSL.

“Overall, the popularity of political figures is not good, we currently have no” political stars “that would be appreciated by most of our people,” said STEM.

The presidential election of political figures included the presidents of the parliamentary parties, the first vice-presidents of these parties, and the chairmen of the parliamentary clubs. The survey was conducted among 1007 respondents from June 13 to June 27.

President Milos Zeman appointed Babis’s second government on June 27, eight months after the parliamentary elections and five months after the demise of the YO minority government. Minority Cabinet YES and CSSD support the Communists. The CSSD is led by five ministries, with ten other members of the government, including the prime minister, for the ABO movement.