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July 19, 2019 Politics

Babis's popularity continues to decline

Babis's popularity continues to decline - Czech Points

Prime Minister Andrej Babiš remains the most popular politician in the government, but his popularity is in decline. Forty-five percent of respondents approve of Babis; in January, it was 48 percent. Finance Minister Alena Schillerová (ANO) finished second in popularity, supported by forty percent of respondents. In third place, with thirty-nine percent favorable rating is Pirate leader Ivan Bartoš.

“Andrej Babiš remains the best-ranked Czech politician, but his popularity continues to weaken. His opponents are considerably higher than his supporters,” said STEM’s June survey. While at the beginning of the year, the ratio of favorable and unfavorable ratings of Babis was 48 percent to 51 percent, now it is 45 percent versus 54 percent.

The Prime Minister’s lead over other political leaders is also lower than in the past. The survey conducted after the European Commission’s preliminary audits on the possible conflict of interests of the Prime Minister and during the protests against Babiš. Nevertheless, the position of Prime Minister is stable among the ANO supporters, and almost all of them evaluate it positively, STEM analysts added.

Compared to the previous survey, Alena Schillerová and the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Jana Maláčová (ČSSD), who has a favorable rating among thirty-seven percent of respondents, improved. SPD chairman Tomio Okamura and Environment Minister Richard Brabec (ANO) have a similar share of supporters.

Beneš is evaluated negatively by half of the people. The least known member of the government is Transport Minister Vladimir Kremlik (ANO), who has been in office since April. Sixty percent of people surveyed don’t know who he is.

Minister of Justice, Marie Benešová (ANO), against whom tens of thousands of people demonstrated, has the support of a third of those surveyed. Half of the respondents view her negatively.

Among the opposition politicians in the top ten rankings, alongside the third Bartoš and the fifth Okamura, was the tenth chairman of the ODS, Petr Fiala, who is positively evaluated by 27 percent of the people.

The survey was conducted from 14 to 30 June on a sample of more than a thousand respondents.

Top ten ranking politicians:

Rank PoliticianOctober 2018 January 2019 June 2019
1. Andrej Babiš 50 48 45
2. Alena Schillerová 30 36 40
3. Ivan Bartoš 41 41 39
4. Jana Maláčová 23 32 37
5. Tomio Okamura 36 32 35
6. Richard Brabec 32 30 35
7. Marie Benešová 34
8. Adam Vojtěch 27 29 34
9. Jan Hamacek 30 34 32
10. Petr Fiala 29 28 27