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August 26, 2019 Politics

Babis tells ambassadors to promote success of country while abroad

Babis tells ambassadors to promote success of country while abroad - Czech Points

Czech foreign ambassadors should communicate with the local media abroad daily to promote a positive perception of the Czech Republic. Prime Minister Andrej Babis told the annual meeting of Czech ambassadors in Prague. In a thirty-minute long speech, the Prime Minister touched on European Union issues, budget, climate protection, Brexit and the dispute over the appointment of a new Culture Minister.

The Prime Minister urged the ambassadors present to highlight the success of the Czech Republic abroad. “I believe you must be proud and proud of the Czech Republic,” he told the ambassadors. According to Babis, the Czech Republic is growing richer. “It is important that we talk about it, because the media tends to focus on negative news,” he added.

Communication with foreign media should, according to Babis, be part of the daily activities of ambassadors. 

He criticized a newspaper headline that accused the president of violating the constitution in the Culture Minister dispute. “No one broke the constitution for a second. It must be known,” he said. The disagreement between President Milos Zeman and the CSSD was only a misunderstanding.