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January 17, 2018 Politics

Babis Loses Confidence Vote - Will Resign

Babis Loses Confidence Vote - Will Resign - Czech Points

The Chamber of Deputies today discussed the confidence of Andrei Babis’ government (63). She did not expect that, as the President of the ANO movement will have to resign for the cabinet. But he has another attempt that President Milos Zeman promised him in advance (73).

The Minority Cabinet of Andrej Babiš failed for the first time, the Chamber of Deputies did not express confidence in the government. It was clear a few weeks before the lower chamber. In addition to the ANO movement itself, the government’s support was not declared by any other party in advance.

Babiš apparently will submit for the government to resign on Wednesday. And the negotiations begin again, Milos Zeman promised to the president of the strongest parliamentary party a second attempt ahead.

“The moment he comes and says he has at least 101 guaranteed votes,  I will name him for the first time for the second time,” Zeman said last week in the House.

During the two-hour hearing, it was decided whether he had to vote for the Babiš issue and the head of the Jaroslav Faltýn parliamentary club earlier. The hand was lifted up for five sides, which was not enough.